Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How Far I've Come

Blogging Ain't Easy

These days blogging takes effort. Especially when your blog focuses on covering a sport that requires weekly updates. With so many blogs available today, the best ones get their ideas out quickly. It's also important to be entertaining. Grabbing the readers attention and keeping may be the most important part of this whole thing. Starting with a headline that captures them from the beginning, you have to be mindful of the reader the entire post. Blogging is also a growing world. It grows daily and almost everyone thinks they can write one. That makes it even more important to stick out.

Change is Good

In the beginning of my blog I felt it was going to be a simple news blog. Just simple updates from the world of racing. Instead, it evolved into much more of an opinion oriented blog. I enjoy throwing my opinion out there with updates of the sport. The best posts I've written are heavy in opinion. Although I still do some reporting, opinion has turned into my bread and butter.

Blogging and Me

Blogging is very important to my major. I am pro media and am focusing on sports writing and opinion. This blog helps me practice my writing for publishing. It also helps me with getting recognition covering this sport. For future employers it allows to see an archive of written pieces about racing. It may not have an affect on my career a long way down the road, but in those early job hunts it could play a huge part.

An Everyday Fan

Blogging for a sport I love has changed me. It's made me focus more on the daily news of racing. It's taken me from a Sunday only fan, to an everyday fan. I have to pay attention to every little detail of the sport. I can't miss an opportunity to post something, especially something newsworthy. I've begun paying attention to various racing leagues, as well. Although this blog focuses NASCAR, the entire racing world is entwined and this blog has helped me realize that.

Playing For Keeps

The most important lesson to me has to be how this can affect my career. This has given a platform to post in the genre I would most like to work in. Knowing that others have been hired because of their blogs has made me focus on making sure my work is professional. I make sure all of my posts are something that I would want perspective employers to look at. I think that is what has stood out to me the most. Also, the grammar lessons aren't half bad.

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